Schoolhouse by raven Alcott

Art is said to be food for the soul. As with our diversity in gastronomic tastes, we all have a different take as to what constitutes "fine art." For one it is truffles and cream while another will prefer hamburgers and fries. Here in this part of California we have artists working in a wide variety of materials, styles and concepts. If you browse the scene just a bit you will easily find a number of these creative individuals that have found a way to speak to your soul.

A great place to start is at Gualala Arts, but don't miss the private galleries locally, and the Artist's Collective Gallery in Elk. One of the most important events in the Gualala social season is, of course, Art in the Redwoods, usually held in August each year. If you are at all interested in our local artists you should try to attend. Also keep track of when we have our next Studio Discovery Tour. It is an event of increasing importance in our local art world and is usually held Labor Day weekend & the weekend after. (If you are coming to either event - book your lodging early. A lot of folks come up our way to attend these events and beds get scarce.)

Craven Alcott, Painting

JoAnne Abreu, Basketry

Alinder Gallery

Artist's Collective Gallery

Bill Apton Photography

Anne Berger Ceramics

Ron Bolander Photography

Karen Bowers Painting

Jennifer Bundey Painting

Steve Schell, Mixed Media

Ruth Conley, Ceramics

Cristalen Fine Photography

Zola de Firmian Ceramics

Robert de Mattei Woodworking

Star de Haven Glass

Dana Driver Jewlery

Dwight Eberly Painting

Tom Eckles Photography

Kathy Edelbrock Painting

Siobhan Elder Hand Painted Silk

Heidi Endemann, Painting

Carla Fagan, Jewlery

Drew Fagan Painting

Maureen Feldman. Fabric Art

David Wayne Floyd Painting

Jan Fogel Painting

Hal Martin Fogel Photography

Al Forester, Painting

Susan Friedland Mixed Media

Jackie Gardener, Paper

Mel Gerst, Photography

Craig Gilliland Painting

Pamela Goedheart, Painting

Gualala Arts

Tom Haines Wood Turning

Russ Hardy Painting

Jane Anne Head, Mixed Media

Bruce Jones, Sculpture

Randy Valliant Jones, Ceramics

Ling Yen Jones Jewlery

Jim Joyce Metalsmith

Anita Kaplan Quilting

Barbara Kelly Printmaker

Anne Kessler Pastels

Paul Kozal Photography

LTA Photos


Larain Matheson Painting

Ralph Matheson Prints

Connie Matz, Painting

Jamie McHugh Phtography

Esther Munger Painting

North Coast Artists' Guild

Old Stage Studio

Sandy Ostrau, Painting

Denise Otterson, Painting

Miriam Owen, Driftwood Sculpture

Adelle Platt, Painting

Chuck Quibell, Turned Wood

Lori S. Robertson, Painting

Walt Rush, Jewelry

Susan Shaddick, Jewelry

Richard Skidmore, Photography

Spindrift Art Gallery

Stewart Kumer Art Gallery

Studio 391 Art Gallery

Studio Discovery Tour

Barbara Tocher, Ceramics

Keith Wilson, Painting

YMP Design