There are well over a hundred different kinds of birds that live in or visit The Sea Ranch each year. We have pictures of some of them and a little bit of information about each to help you get started identifying the ones that you see during your stay with us. Click on any of these pictures for more information and bigger pictures. Every single one of these pictures was taken here in The Sea Ranch very recently so they will look like the birds that you will see during your stay.

Pine Siskin Brant Great Blue Heron California Quail
Harrier Hawk White Crown Sparrow Song Sparrow Flicker
Fox Sparrow Western Bluebird Hermit Thrush Merganser
Brewer Blackbird Oystercatcher Pygmy Nuthatch House Finch
Towhee Raven Junco Cormorant
Stellar Jay Bandtail Pigeon American Robin Acorn Woodpecker
Turkey Phoebe Great White Egret Killdeer
California Quail
Sea Pigeon Phalarope Turkey Vulture
Cowbird Mallard Brown Pelican Wandering Tatler
Hummingbird Canada Goose Western Gull Loon
Osprey Mallard Brewer Blackbird Chicadee
Redwing Blackbird Gold Finch Black Turnstone Whimbrel
willet Scrub Jay plover yllowlegs
kite Heerman's Gull Least Sandpiper yellowrump warbler
  Townsend warbler Kingfisher  

We are adding to this section on a regular basis, but you will still need a good bird book if you are to identify all that you see.

Even if you don't happen to add any names to your life list during your visit,
you will enjoy the wonderful creatures that frequent The Sea Ranch...