Least Sandpipers

Least Sandpiper

Here in The Sea Ranch, we find him passing through twice a year. Look for him near the tidal zone, along the beach and in the rocks - anywhere that he can find a tasty bug or a small crustacean. He particularly likes mud flats and seepage ponds and tends to avoid the splash zone so favored by some of his cousins.

The Sandpiper family is a large one and it's members live in many parts of the world. Here in America, Native Americans held Sandpiper to be the avatar for quickness and respected his ability to forage for food. This particular Sandpiper, depicted on this page, was first identified by a French ornithologist named Louis Pierre Viellot while he was cooling his heels in North America to avoid being caught up in the French Revolution. Birding obviously had some advantages over politics even in the declining years of the eighteenth century.

A very small package of muscle, fiber and feather.

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