Azure sky, cobalt ocean, alabaster surf, and thousands of sea birds!

a flight of two over open ocean

sea bird in a tide pool

gull over waves

pelican in flight

We've mentioned the birds that live in the Sea Ranch year around and the ones that visit a couple of times a year during the great migrations. One of our Sea Ranch neighbors used to sit in his home and actually count the birds that flew by his spot on the coast. The numbers that he came up with were absolutely incredible and you wouldn't believe us if we told you what they were. Instead, we offer you the opportunity to do your own count. This fellow's home is currently on our vacation rental program and it sits on a small jut of land out into the ocean that presents the ideal spot for this kind of a project. (Don't worry, if this property is not available we have several others that are equally good and if none of our oceanfronts are available we will point you to enumerable locations along the coast, all of which are a short walk from one or another of our meadow homes, that will do just fine.) Take an hour out of one of your days, find a spot on the bluff, sit on a rock or a log, and just count birds. It will help focus your attention not only on the numbers, but also on the diversity that exists. Watch how the gulls soar effortlessly in the air currents sweeping up the side of the bluff. Sometimes you will see an osprey dive straight into the ocean after a fish and emerge a moment later to carry it back to her nest in a tall fir high on the ridge. Sometimes a procession of pelicans will glide past just out of reach over your head. Look out into the ocean and you will see a jet black cormorant, flying a foot or two over the waves, beat his way out to an isolated rock offshore. And don't forget to look into the tide pools just below you for a clutch of exotic orange billed oystercatchers and all sorts of other delicate fluffs of feathers!

The Sea Ranch is an aviary without the glass cages.