There are four seasons in The Sea Ranch and all of them are absolutely beautiful!

Dramatic storms make winter one of the very best times to visit The Sea Ranch. Go for a walk on the bluff, smell the salt in the air, watch gigantic emerald waves crash against jet black rock and burst into explosions of alabastor spray and foam. Listen to the wind howl and watch as it shapes the shore pines into fantasy forms that are the bonsai master's inspiration. Marvel at the aerobatics of the black and white gulls twisting and turning in the gusts of wind that boil up from the edge of the bluff. Let the power of nature drive the mundane from your mind. Turn your thoughts inward and indulge yourself in contemplation about what is really important in your life. Then head back to an outrageously comfortable vacation home and enjoy a glass of wine or a hot toddy by the fire. That kind of experience, simple though it might be, is something rare in our modern world.

Spring is a time for the flowers. The Sea Ranch is one gigantic garden, not cultivated by man, but rather by nature. There are literally hundreds of different wild flowers that bless this corner of creation. Reds, blues, yellows - all of the wild kaleidoscope of nature's magnificent palette of color. Cool mists are typical in the mornings while warm sunshine washes the afternoons - perfect weather for lupine, indian paintbrush, azalea, and the ever present douglas iris on the bluffs. Deep inside the redwood sanctuary trillium, oxalis, and rhododendron dominate the forest floor. One of the advantages of The Sea Ranch is that you don't have to constantly maintain the dignified pose that protects your social position in the outside world. Spring is a time to get down on your hands and knees and appreciate the beauty of a tiny pigmy orchid or a simple buttercup. It doesn't really matter if you get your trousers dirty in the process.

Summer is when it gets really hot inland and folks escape to the coast to cool off. There is a marine layer of cool moist air that conveniently sits just offshore in the summer. The excessive heat inland draws this cool air into The Sea Ranch and moderates our temperature. It brings mist and fog along with it and creates a moody ambiance suitable for all kinds of imaginative flights of fancy. It is a good time to brew a fresh cup of coffee, stretch out on a window seat with a view, and re-read Harry Potter. It is a time to watch the new born seals learn to swim around the rocks just offshore. The trees around your vacation home will be full of birds some of which are as colorful as the flowers beneath your feet. The stately stags will still be in velvet and the does will be primarily concerned with their new offspring. Their tiny spotted fawns will be seen bouncing through the tall summer grasses and the parade of pelicans will be in full swing above the bluff.

Locals will tell you that the "best" time of the year is fall. The weather patterns are calm, the skies are clear, and the crowds of summer have gone back to the daily grind in the cities. This is a time for the annual migration of whales to pass by our shores on their way south for the winter birthing. Above the bluff another migration takes place as tens of thousands of sea birds head for their winter feeding grounds. It is a good time to take a moment and check out the sheep and goats that The Sea Ranch uses to reduce the danger of wild fire. Modern sheepherders move their flock through the common areas of The Sea Ranch where they consume much of the fuel that otherwise would be a fire hazard. It is the perfect season to test yourself on the Sea Ranch Golf Links. A Scottish style championship 18 hole course that some say is one of the most beautiful and challenging courses on the planet. (A warning - the calm weather pattern removes the wind as an excuse for mucking up the shot.)

Whatever time of the year you can arrange to visit we guarantee that
the weather will be wonderful. Each season in its own way!