"Wildflowers" is a powerful concept, whether it is spelled as one word or two. It embodies the very essence of nature in it's most bewitching manifestation. Here in The Sea Ranch, we are fortunate to have well over a hundred different kinds of wild flowering plants that are native to our area. We also have a few plants that grow in the wild that are escapees from the gardens of the people who came before us. In the following pages we don't spend a lot of time arguing about the distinction.

Wildflowers in The Sea Ranch

For us, all of our wildflowers are beautiful and some of them are really interesting (even if you are not into the native plant thing). We enjoy them and are thankful that they are present in profusion to brighten our lives. These amazing little jewels are everywhere and are findable most of the year if you know where to look, but they really stand out in spring through early fall when anybody can find them almost anywhere.

In the pages that follow you are invited to come along on a walk through the garden that is The Sea Ranch...

Whatever time of the year you come we can guarantee that you will be
struck by the profound beauty of this corner of creation.