Monkey-Flower is another of those common names that are applied to a lot of different plants. They are all in the genus Mimulus. We are told that we have several varieties here on The Sea Ranch, including Mimulus guttatus, Mimulus moschatus, and Mimulus pilosus, but the specie that we see most often is Mimulus guttatus, which some call Common Monkey-Flower, Sticky Monkey-Flower, or Orange Monkey-Flower.


Native Americans and the early settlers in the West, used Monkey-Flower in a variety of ways. A poultice was made from juice squeezed from the leaves to soothe minor burns and skin irritations. The leaves of Monkey-Flower was also sometimes added to food as a salt substitute. You will find our Sticky Monkey-Flowers in moist soil throughout the Ranch. They will be in bloom from March to September.

If you are ever tempted to pick one you should remember that it is called Sticky Monkey-Flower.