California Wild Rose, Rosa californica, is native to California, Oregon, and the northern part of Baja California. It grows all over the Ranch, preferring open woodland and meadows in places where it can get partial sunshine and moisture. Although it likes moist locations it can easily survive drought conditions. The blooms usually range in color through a wide variety of shades of pink and red, but occasionally will be almost pure white.

wild rose

rose hips

In addition to it's beautiful pink blossoms it also produces classic bright red rose hips which are said to be rich in medicinal and curative properties. In earlier times these were collected, dried, and made into teas, candies, jellies and sauces. They are also favored by browsing animals in the winter when other forage is scarce. Some Native Americans made arrows from the branches and twine from the root bark. Bees and butterflies love the blooms and many birds like to build their nests in among it's protective thorns. Here in The Sea Ranch, our Wild Rose blooms from spring through summer.

"A rose is a rose is a rose."
Gertrude Stein