Gualala River

Gualala - the river, the park, and the town

The retail center for The Sea Ranch is just across the Gualala River in the very small town of Gualala. Here visitors will find restaurants, a bank, service stations, a post office, grocery stores, art galleries, a radio station, bakeries, hardware stores, coffee shops, automobile repair, veterinary services, gift stores, medical services, a bookstore, a fitness gym, churches, a drug store, clothing shops, sporting goods stores, video rentals, a cobbler, real estate companies, florists, kayak rentals, boutiques, pet supplies, day spas, caterers, hair salons, an art center, and just about anything else that you might need while you are staying with us. Gualala services a lot of north coast residents who live here year around very well. The folks are friendly and the town is so small that you can easily find your way around in it.

Gualala Point Park is located between the northern edge of The Sea Ranch and the Gualala River. (See map.) It can be accessed from the northwestern corner of The Sea Ranch or by car from Highway One. The picture above looks out across the Gualala River from the park to town. During the hey day of the lumber business a century or so ago there was an important lumber mill located on the flat in the bend of the river. After the earthquake of 1906 the lumber that this mill produced was shipped down to San Francisco on the famous "dog hole schooners" to help rebuild the city after the Great Fire. Today, the flat is a launching spot for canoeists and kayakers setting out to explore the estuary. The picture below looks out from town across the lagoon and the sand bar to the Pacific Ocean beyond. The mill flat, sand bar, and lagoon are favorite haunts for local birders, particularly during the great migrations. Upriver you will sometimes find a few fishermen and, in the summer, a few folks splashing and swimming in one or another of the local swimming holes.

Gualala Estuary