Trulove Condo #8


The Trulove Condo /TOT ID#2185/ is one of nine units in Condo Number One, the award winning structure that has done more than a little to influence architectural design in America during the past few decades. Entry is directly off of the central parking area, through a privacy gate, down a short flight of steps, and straight into the living room. Everything about this home has been maintained in a manner true to the original concepts of The Sea Ranch. The very comfortable modern furnishings compliment the simplicity of line central to the overall design concept. Interior walls are of unfinished wood and, together with the exposed structural components, are an essential part of the architectural motif. A wood stove in the living room provides warmth and ambiance. There is also television in the living room. Windows and sliding glass doors let in plenty of light and the window in the dining room provides a superlative view of the Pacific Ocean. A simple window seat in the dining room offers a place to read, meditate, or simply watch for whales. A very efficient kitchen will facilitate whatever you ask of it - from full meals to simple snacks. An enclosed, sheltered courtyard offers an al fresco location for meals, conversation, star gazing, and/or sunbathing. Upstairs are two unique, suspended bedroom lofts of considerable interest to visiting architects. There is free domestic and worldwide telephone service and internet availability. This home will accommodate up to three adults. Sorry, pets are not permitted.

Trulove Condo is located at the southern end of The Sea Ranch. It is close to the Sea Ranch Lodge and it's Black Point Grill should you decide not to eat in one of the nights that you are staying with us. The bluff top trail is close by and provides access to the extensive network of trails that crisscross the entire community. Starting at $536, two nights; $1,433 seven nights.

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