Oceanside Meadows

In the morning, the east-facing garden room, with its glass walls and roof, is particularly appealing, especially in winter.

Broad views from most rooms to the ocean and across the meadow to the cypress hedgerow. You'll have the feeling that yours is the only house at Sea Ranch. Inside, it's warm cedar walls, pine ceilings, and furnishings that mix early 20th century classics, black-and-white photographs, l9th century oils, and worn Persian rugs alongside African crafts, found objects, and up-at-the­lake odds and ends.

During the day people are drawn to the light-filled octagon room, which juts out into the meadow on the west side of the house. It's also where everyone seems to come together at the end of the day when it's time for drinks. In the summer, the sun sets behind a line of Bishop pine, cypress, and eucalyptus along the Salal Trail, and the way the eucalyptus leaves flicker as the orange light shimmers through them is magical. In the winter, the sun sets in the sea. Besides the setting sun, you'll see foxes, families of deer, and jackrabbits; they come by on and off throughout the day, but they're almost guaranteed to show up just before sunset.

It's the living room that's the heart of the house, and this one has a great fireplace with a 15-foot­ long hearth made from local field stones, some of them with the moss still on them. There's a comfortable sofa and rattan chairs for lounging after dinner, a window seat, reading lamps, bookshelves, and entertainment system.

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