The southern part of The Sea Ranch
including units,26.

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Orange billed Black oystercatchers in the splash zone.

Black oystercatchers frequent the rocky shoreline all along our coast and usually can be seen foraging at low tide. These characters with the neon colored eye and bill and distinctive shrill call can be seen resting when the tide is full and their favorite food sources, mussels and other marine organisms, are inundated. Here in The Sea Ranch they are one of the principal denizens of the splash zone and it is fun to watch them nimbly dodge the waves in pursuit of a bite to eat. Although we are fortunate to have a number of them as our neighbors here in The Sea Ranch, the Black oystercatcher is considered to be a "species of high concern" because there are estimated to be only about 8,500 of them spread along the entire western coast of North America.

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