The central part of The Sea Ranch
including units 21, 27A, 29A, & 36A.

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map4 Troll Littoralis Villa Therese Fitzgerald Owings-Perdue

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A Great blue heron on a raft of kelp.

The Great blue heron is a year-round resident of The Sea Ranch and can be observed in a variety of locations throughout the community, but riverine and shoreline locations are the most fruitful places to look for them. When the sea is relatively calm and tangles of kelp form rafts they can be seen fishing for small fish in the deeper water usually reserved for pelicans and osprey. When one is seen along the shoreline of the Gualala River they are after a wider variety of delicacies to include frogs, snakes, and small rodents in addition to any fish that might venture past. The Great blue is the largest heron in North America and one of the larger birds living here in The Sea Ranch.

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