The north central part of The Sea Ranch
including units 21, 24, 27, & 27A.

Click on the name in the map or use the links at the bottom of the page
to access pictures of each of these beautiful vacation homes.

Troll Frazer-Bond Littoralis Villa Therese Wave Fitzgerald Just Bluffin Maison de Mer Owings-Perdue map5c Villa Therese Wave Vincent Cielo e Mar Fitzgerald Zen House Zen House Loeffler

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Take a walk with a curlew.

You will find our curlews on or very near the beaches in The Sea Ranch. Their statuesque legs and long curved bills make them easy to identify, but their coloring tends to blend in with the sand and can make spotting them difficult. They are shy and usually will not let you get very close so look down the beach for movement close to the water line. They use their long bills to probe the sand for tiny invertebrates, but also keep their eyes open for a smallish crab or shrimp that might come their way in the splash of the waterline. A real birder can tell the boys from the girls by the shape and length of their bill. (We are not that expert so you are on your own as regards the gender thing.)

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