The northern part of The Sea Ranch
including units 28, & 34A.

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Troll Frazer-Bond Littoralis Villa Therese Wave Fitzgerald Just Bluffin Maison de Mer Owings-Perdue Sandpiper Torrey Wave Vincent Ama Terrace Cielo e Mar Fitzgerald Just Bluffin TSR Map Walk on Beach Beach House Pelican'sRest Crestview Masthead Dunes beach Tidepool Trail birds diving in the ocean Blue Mermaid

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Quail Run

Covies of California Quail, also known as valley quail, can be found all over The Sea Ranch. This particular covey is running down the driveway of one of our homes. (The raucous chatter in the background is an irate bluejay.) The best place to observe quail is in open areas covered with seed bearing grasses close to bushes and brushy tangles. When startled the adults will shoo
the youngsters into the bushes and then lead the intruder off in another direction before flying off.

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