One of the things that makes life interesting is that we are all different. Some of us are vegetarians, some carnivors.
Some of us are on a diet, some can eat anything that they want (we are jealous). We've got magazines telling us what
style of cuisine is in this season and what is passee. And then there are bugetary considerations for most of us...

The following is a list of all of the establishments currently offering libation and sustenance in our part of the world.
If you would like to know which ones are our current favorites stop by the office and we'll give you
a local's candid view of the current culinary scene in our part of the world.

Sea Ranch Escape
The Sea Ranch Lodge Dining Room

The Sea Ranch

The Sea Ranch Lodge
Breakfast, lunch & dinner
707 785-2371

Two Fish Bakery
Coffee & baked goods
707 785-2443


Antonio's Tacos
Mexican Food

Roadhouse Bar-b-que
707 884-1108

Cafe La La
Coffee & sandwiches, soups
707 884-1104

Cove Azul
Seafood and sandwiches
707 884-3175

Gualala Pizza & Bakery
Mexican food, pizza, baked goods 
707 884-4055

Gualala Supermarket
Grocery & delicatessen
707 884-1205

Laura's Taqueria & Bakery
Mexican food
707 884-3175

Savory Coast Fine Catering
707 884-9009

St Orres 
707 884-3335

Surf Supermarket
Grocery & delicatessen
707 884-4184

Top of the Cliff 
707 884-1539

Coffee, breakfast, lunch & catering 
707 884-1713

Anchor Bay

Blue Canoe
Coffee and pastries
707 884-1800

El Mariachi
Mexican Food
707 884-1735

Point Arena

Arena Market & Cafe
Organic grocery, delicatessen
707 882-3663

Franny's Cup & Saucer
Bakery, confections, etc.
707 882-2500 

Eclectic comfort food
707 882-1619 

Pier Chowder House and Tap Room
Lunch & dinner
707 882-3400

Rollerville Cafe
Breakfast and Lunch
707 882-2077

Trinks PA
Breakfast & Lunch
707 882-1712

Pirates Cove
Mexican, American food
707 882-4105

Pizza and Cream
Pizza and ice cream
707 882-1900

Point Arena General Store
Groceries & delicatessen
707 882-2280

Two Girls and a Grill
707 882-2259

Timber Cove

Timber Cove Inn
Breakfast, lunch & dinner
707 847-3231